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Why Partner with Fundwriter?

A Trusted and Loved Product

Fundwriter is a must-have tool, embraced by universities, colleges, nonprofits, and other social good organizations because of its transformative impact on fundraising.

Balanced Partnership

We value our partners deeply and offer more than just a typical affiliate relationship – it's a two-way street of value and support.

Dedicated Support

Our Partnership Team is always ready to assist, ensuring you have all the tools and support needed for successful collaboration.

What Type of Partner Are You?

Elevate Your Reach, Empower Nonprofits,
and Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Why You'll Love Being Our Partner

Elevate Your Reach, Empower Nonprofits,
and Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Joining a Fundwriter Partner Program is more than just a collaboration; it's an opportunity to be part of a movement that is reshaping the landscape of nonprofit fundraising. As a Fundwriter partner, you play a pivotal role in helping organizations harness the power of AI to elevate their fundraising strategies. Here’s why our partnership can be a game-changer for you and the organizations you support:

Elevate Your Professional Reach:
As a Fundwriter partner, you extend your influence within the nonprofit sector. By introducing AI-driven fundraising solutions to nonprofits, you not only aid their missions but also broaden your professional footprint and recognition.

Empower Nonprofits with Advanced Tools:
Your partnership brings the power of Fundwriter's AI technology to organizations, helping them revolutionize their fundraising efforts. Your role is instrumental in transforming how these organizations connect with donors and secure funding.

Unlock Exclusive Partner Benefits:
We believe in rewarding our partners generously. From attractive rewards for your referrals to access to exclusive resources and co-branding opportunities, each aspect of our program is designed to provide value and support to your endeavors.

Opportunities for Collaboration and Learning:
Through co-hosted events, webinars, and workshops, you get to share your expertise and learn alongside other leaders in the field. These collaborative efforts position you as a thought leader and enhance your professional network.


Our small team is an incredible group of people with the goal of making our customers happy.
What is Fundwriter?

Fundwriter is an AI-driven platform integrated with Raiser's Edge, designed to optimize fundraising efforts for nonprofits and educational institutions.

How does the Partner Program work?

As a partner, earn rewards for each customer you refer to Fundwriter.

Why might my application be declined?

We seek partners who align with our mission and have the capacity to effectively collaborate. Applications may be declined due to misalignment or limited capacity.

How do I become a Fundwriter Partner?

Start by applying, and our team will guide you through the onboarding process.

How do I promote Fundwriter?

We provide a comprehensive partner kit with promotional materials and strategies. Our team is also available for brainstorming and support.

Do I need to be a Fundwriter user to become a partner?

While not required, familiarity with Fundwriter can enhance your promotional efforts.

How will I get paid?

Payments are made digitally for successful referrals, typically processed monthly.

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