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Appeal - Human Impact

Write an appeal that features a story of personal impact to connect readers with the people who benefit from their support.


Grant Proposal Introduction

Introduction to a grant proposal or Letter of Intent to a Foundation or Corporate funder.


Invite supporter to meet regarding_____

Write an email that shows you value past support and gets them excited to connect with you.

Rewrite for Brevity

Clean your writing of fluff and clutter to give it a succinct grace.


Event Follow-Up

After an event there are a lot of personal notes and next step messages to send out. Plug in some information and quickly move relationships forward.


Article Outline

Plan the outline for your next blog post or newsletter article based on a topic.


Gift Proposal Outline

Outline sections to include in a proposal for a grant or major gift based on the project and funder's areas of interest.


Thank You Letter

Tired of finding new ways to write the same thank you letter? Draft multiple, unique, and specific thank you letters in minutes.


Article Ideas

Brainstorm article ideas and find every angle on the topics that matter to your organization's audience.


Donor Persona

Personas are some of the most valuable tools you can use to dial in communication with your target audience.


Grant - Letter of Intent

Let funders know you plan to apply for a grant or gift with an introduction to your project, your organization, and your shared focus.


Appeal - It Takes A Village

Put people at the forefront with a story of transformation and impact. Feature two to four key characters, including people who benefited from your work and the people who helped them.


Quotable Inspiration

Great for social media posts or to drive home a point in other writing projects.


Appeal - Research Centered

This appeal is trained on samples from research-related appeals, but it can work for any organization.

Improve Passage

Improve the readability of a sentence or passage.


Article Introduction

Introduce the topic of your article with an engaging lead-in to hook readers.


Take a sentence and find different ways to get the information across.


Thank You - Impact Focus

Show the donor how their gift makes an impact through story, personal anecdotes, and data.


Subject Line

Brainstorm subject lines for appeals, newsletters, and other bulk messages. Generate multiple options for testing, or find the perfect subject line for your next 1:1 email.


Photo Caption

Generate sharable photo captions for your next post or publication.

#emojisincluded 😉


Appeal - Core Belief

Demonstrate that your work aligns with your donors' core beliefs, and they will see you as an ally who deserves support.


Expand Idea

Take an idea or a sentence and expand it into a fully developed paragraph.


Social Media Tactics

Jumpstart your social media with ideas unique to your project and goals.


Mission Statement

Craft a mission statement for your organization that reflects your vision and work.


One-Page Grant Proposal

Draft a one-page summary of your project that hits on all the key areas that funders care about.


Partnership Outreach

Approach a complementary organization about collaborating on a project or sharing resources.


Article Section Intro

Use your article topic and outline to generate content for each section of the article.


Google Ad Tactics

Ideas to make the best use of your $10k Google Ad Grant based on your goals. Test them out to see what works.


Likely Questions

Anticipate questions that will come up in people's minds. Prepare for meetings with donors, draft FAQ, plan presentations, write for your website, and much more.


Summarize a passage into fewer words while keeping the main idea.


A reliable and powerful writing formula to help your  audience connect emotionally with your important work.

Build A Bridge

Fill gaps in your document by connecting two ideas. Add details to stories or transition between ideas.


Press Release

Don't let your good work go unnoticed, and make sure your funders get the spotlight they want.


Cold Email Introduction

Create an engaging email likely to get a response from supporters you just haven't met yet.


Auction Item Request

Successful auctions have items from A LOT of sources. Form letters are efficient to create, but customized requests get the best response. With AI, you don't have to compromise.


1st <> 2nd <> 3rd Person Converter

Change a passage's point of view between 1st (I), 2nd (you), and 3rd (they). Very helpful when repurposing stories and testimonials.


Meeting Follow-Up

Whether it is a committee meeting or coffee with a donor, you want to get a message out quickly to keep momentum rolling.


Corporate Gift Request

Working with corporations calls for a different approach than foundations. Educate them about your work and show how you create more value together as partners.


Statement of Need

Your Statement of Need helps your organization and your funders understand the context of your work and those you help.


Letter of Support

It takes a lot of work to pull all those letters together to include in your proposal. (Will my funder care that the letters are basically templates?) Write the letters  faster and with more substance than ever before.


Organizational Background

Can't I just copy and paste the same background I always use? Probably not a winning strategy. Instead, paste the old background into Fundwriter along with information about the project and audience. The difference is in the details.


Project Evaluation

You have a spreadsheet with program areas, inputs, outputs, targets, and measurements, but translating it into a page of writing can take forever! Put that information into Fundwriter and let AI draft that section for you.

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