Empowering Sarah with A.I.: A Day in the Life of a Modern Gift Officer

December 11, 2023
Fundraising and Nonprofits

In the dynamic world of nonprofit fundraising, the role of a gift officer like Sarah is evolving rapidly. Let's dive into her day to see how the integration of Fundwriter with Blackbaud Raiser's Edge transforms her approach to donor engagement and fundraising tasks.

Morning Prep: Quick Insights at Her Fingertips

As Sarah commutes to her first meeting of the day, she uses the AI chat assistant on her phone, a key feature of Fundwriter. With just a few taps, she asks questions about her upcoming prospects and instantly receives detailed, well-researched responses. This tool acts like a virtual prospect researcher, providing her with quick insights and saving her the hassle of navigating through multiple screens or compiling notes manually.

Streamlined Note-Taking: From Paper to Digital in Seconds

At her previous organization, Sarah's note-taking process was a tedious task. Now, she still scribbles notes during her meetings – a method that works best for her – but with a transformative twist. With Fundwriter, she simply uploads a photo of her handwritten notes, and they are converted into a structured contact report. This feature not only saves her time but also ensures that every detail from her conversations is captured accurately.

Post-Meeting Efficiency: Dictation and Intelligent Reporting

After each meeting, Sarah has the option to dictate her observations directly into her device. Fundwriter not only drafts a detailed contact report from her spoken words but also recommends additional actions and follow-up steps. This intelligent reporting means that Sarah can move swiftly from one meeting to the next, with all her follow-up strategies already laid out.

Personalized Donor Communication: Crafting Authentic Follow-Ups

Sarah values the personal touch in her communications. With Fundwriter, she inputs her unique style into the system, allowing the tool to create personalized follow-up messages that truly resonate with each donor. These messages are not only tailored to the content of their meeting but also reflect Sarah's personal tone and style, maintaining the authenticity crucial in building lasting donor relationships.

A Day’s Impact: More Time for What Matters

With these new tools at her disposal, Sarah spends less time on administrative work and more on what she does best – building genuine connections with donors. She reaches out to more prospects, deepens existing relationships, and drives impactful fundraising efforts for her organization.


Sarah’s story is a testament to how modern tools like Fundwriter in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge can revolutionize the role of a gift officer. By simplifying and streamlining essential tasks, Sarah can focus on creating meaningful, lasting impacts in her nonprofit world.

Join Sarah and countless others in transforming your fundraising approach. Discover how Fundwriter can redefine your workday and elevate your donor engagement.

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